Thursday, February 6, 2014

Strap'd up: SEX worth dying for

They say that "What you don't know can hurt you"! By now, we all should know that having unprotected sex can hurt your body, your feelings, and the quality of life you want to live. But it seems these fact are still not serious enough for people to stop having unprotected sex, and get tested with and/or without their partner. Look, I am not here to judge no one. We all have engaged in some kind of reckless behavior at one time or another.  I am just here to help people, my black people especially get there mind right.
     With all these stories I see in the media and read about, I feel the need to address this topic. One would think being involved in this risky behavior is a poverty dilemma, or a poor person thing but it isn't. Why is it that people like having unprotected sex? I know sex feel good, but the feeling after it's over should scare the shit out of anyone in there right mind. How many people have had the thoughts, "I hope I don't get pregnant" , "I hope he hasn't slept with a lot of other girls unprotected", "I hope she is clean". Many of these things would not worry us if we strap up like we should,  if we get tested and ask our partner to do the same but most importantly wait til the results are in before jumping in the bed raw-dawging. The doctors tell us to wait a couple months before having unprotected sex for  reason. If your partner contracted something from the lifestyle they lived before you, and you wait the appropriate amount of time to sleep with them without  condom, more than likely if something come up in their test you don't have to worry about it affecting you. Nowadays people meet, either in person or on Facebook, twitter, or Instagram and sleep around right away. Sometimes by the 3rd month of even knowing each other they are not using a condom. Who in they right mind think that this is O.K? This is letting someone you don't know, don't love, and don't care about choose your destiny. Come on my black brothers and sisters. Your life is much more precious than this.
     I always use to so say pregnancy was not the worse thing that can happen because you could always get rid of a baby. I know, I know that's cold, but there are somethings out here that you can not get rid of and may hider you in ways you never thought of. When I read stories about Dwyane Wade, and Paul George who both got females they were not with pregnant while allegedly being in a relationship with someone else, I instantly get pissed. I don't get upset because of the cheating. I am just reminded of  how all these STD's spread. How these disease can be transmitted to people girlfriend, wife, husbands. I'm like damn, I wish people  would keep their risky behavior and all that come with it to themselves. This is why I say this problem is not a rich or poor thing because both of these guys are paid.   
      I came across another story about HIV positive 22 year old college student named Michael Johnson who taped sex acts and exposed over 30 people to the virus without telling them his status. This is sad. Many people are promiscuous in college and probably do not expect something so devastating to happen in an educational environment. This is a harsh way to realize how you do not know the people you  share campus with. My heart goes out to the victims.
     Ive also heard of another story about a police officer in West Palm Beach, FL,  Ervans Saintclair who exposed women to HIV, even the mother of his children. It seems that people do not care about hurting other people, and for this reason we should ask our partners to get tested. If they care for us, hell if they care about their life they would do it and respect your wishes. If they act like your request is a problem for them and want you to trust what they say run away quick, fast, and in a hurry. Craig Davis, another HIV positive man in Atlanta, GA was arrested for spreading HIV among his congregation. A pastor- not only sinning and committing fornication, things he should be preaching against but had the nerve to infect his members. I know that God is merciful, but I also know that he will pay this Mr. Davis back and others like him for what they have done. On the other hand, God did put these STD's out here as punishment for not living a clean and holy life he expects. Sex is natural. He want us to have sex, but he also want us to do it the way he approves of. 
     I can go on and on about why we should protect ourselves. Ive had some great sex in my life, but not so good it's worth dying for. Have you? Please, I'm urging and begging you all to know your staus, know your partner staus and protect your health like it is you social security number lol. If you don't love your sex partner, love yourself enough to do so.  Some mistakes are life threatening and this is one of those things. Black people, please lets stop doing NIGGER SHIT or ignorant shit. Between killing each other with guns and killing each other with sex, we are about to be extinct as a race. We have so much potential, and we have become so strong because of our struggles. Now we need to be smart! Put on a condom, strap up, don't have sex raw, don't just put the tip in, don't try to see what it feel like without knowing who you are getting yourself into. You cant just look at a person and tell if they are healthy, or clean. No matter how thick he is, how fine she is, how big her butt is or how much money he may earn."no glove, no love" should be the motto we live by. I care for you all, I pray for you all, I empathize for you all. Black power!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Brain Food: Must see Doc's

Documentaries every Afro-American must seeWith reality shows like Basketball Wives, and Real Housewives of Atlanta and others like them taking over most African American household television, it is evident that people are feeding their brain the wrong food. Do people even find documentaries entertaining enough to watch and enlighten us about different aspects of our reality as black people? Or is what displayed on the reality shows the perception of being black we want exuded to others and our younger generation. I can see why watching documentaries are only something kids watch in school or unintentionally.Reality tv shows nowaday give others the wrong idea about our values as black Americans, and the things that should be inportant to us. It is also causing people to change there values or to not have any. This alone will keep us from confronting the real issues in out lives. With all the drama, hating, and fighting presented, its almost seems the sacrafices people before us have made, and are making to improve the overall black experience is a joke. Since documentaries are a creative, truthfull way of portraying historical records,I made a list of some that should be seen by all blacks.
Good Hair(2008)
Who Killed Martin Luther King(1989)
Malcolm X: prince of Islam (2006)
A small Act (2010)
When the Levy's Broke
Street Fight(2002)
Hoop Dreams(1994)
Paris is Burning(1990)
Crips and Bloods: made in America(2008)
Tupac and Biggie(2002)
Darfur Now(2007)
Michael Jackson: This is it(2009)

I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against. Malcolm X

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Books

"Modelland" Tyra Banks newly released novel

As we know Tyra Banks is the first African American woman to be featured on the cover of GQ magazine, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuite issue
Read more about Tyra Banks novel!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our black men are in a crisis!

Tavis Smiley's
book"Too Important to Fail" confronts the high dropout rate among African American boys in our community.On Tuesday September 13,2011 their was a PBS special were he investigated the causes the education problem and what we can do to reverse it. With the help of experts, educators, detention center administrators and, boys in Chicago, L.A, Philly, and Oakland he helps put into focus a problem that faces every black community through out the United States.

Also watch Tavis Smiley address how President Obama is loosing his African American base supporters! Do you think he is?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Time to stand up!

I am new to blogging, but not to using writing as a way of expressing myself. One thing that's been on my heart lately, is to talk about the black experience through my eyes. I am 27 year old female, raised in Miami, one of the most culturaly diverce cities in Florida. I have always wondered why African-Americans helped build this country, but still are treated unequally. Euro-centrism seemed to have snatch us out of human history, and re-written it based off lies. Throughout history, my kind has been faced with homelessness, no jobs, no hope, drug abuse, and turmoil within our own community. Does my generation chose to ignore the issues concerning our past, and has been continuing to shape our future? We don't have to continue to act like slaves who hate ourselves, and love our oppressor. We have to do better! In a world, that absorb our culure and is still becoming more "black" in style of dress, music, speech, and sexuality, why are we getting pushed aside from the American dream. My frustration has fuelled me to start this blog to refocus people on the situation at hand. I know there are allot of blacks still advocating, but there can never be too many. I just want to help keep the radical black perspective alive. I do believe the only way our voice will be heard is if we use some of the tactics of our forefathers,whether by boycotts, campaign, or protest. Not lay here and take what we are given, and that requires sacrifice. Debate without action is a waist of time. If we do not stand together and demand our piece of the American pie. Law makers feelings are the same as they were in the past, and it is up to us Negros to secure for ourselves a part of the American experience. If we don't do anything about it we will continue to be 21st century slaves.